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  1. The Studio
  2. The Haunted Audition
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  4. Uncle Malky’s Last Game

The Studio: Rescue the Kidnapped Rock Star

Designed for up to 6 players.

The Studio:  Rescue the Kidnapped Rock Star

Internationally popular band Us, Them or Dean has returned to their hometown to launch a new tour. You are among the lucky few who won a call-in radio contest for a chance to meet the band's front man before the first show.
A member of the road crew ushers you and the other fans into a private studio and instructs you to wait there…but instead of meeting the rock star, a video reveals he has been kidnapped and unless a ransom is delivered in ONE HOUR, he will never perform again.
Clues to his whereabouts are hidden in the room so there’s no time to waste. The group must work together to figure out the location before it’s too late.

Can you find your way out of The Studio and Rescue the Kidnapped Rock Star in time? Designed for up to 6 players.

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The Haunted Audition: Can You Outwit the Magician's Ghost?

Designed for up to 6 players.

The Haunted Audition

Popular magician Jordanzo the Great was poisoned by his jealous former partner and died in a darkened corner of his dressing room. The troupe he was performing with is now seeking a replacement and has been holding auditions in the very place where his body was found.

To earn the gig, illusionists must perform a series of feats inspired by Jordanzo’s idol Harry Houdini…and finish them all in 60 minutes. The problem is Jordanzo’s ghost has been playing tricks of his own to spook the aspiring escape artists; and a psychic called in to help said his spirit won’t rest until he approves of the magician attempting to fill his cape.

Do you have what it takes to earn Jordanzo’s blessing and join the act? Enter at your own risk to face off with the Magician’s Ghost!

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NOTE: Players begin this game handcuffed together.

The Cabin: Revenge of the Survivors

Designed for up to 8 players.

The Cabin: Revenge of the Survivors

When the zombie apocalypse first happened, Bambi Barnett was sympathetic to the infected population. After all, they had once been her co-workers, neighbors and friends so she thought there was a chance they could all just get along.

But then it happened…THE ZOMBIES ATE HER DOG!

Now Bambi knows how vicious the undead can be and she needs YOUR help to prevent more pets (and people!) from becoming victims. Together with other apocalypse survivors, you must break in to a remote cabin in the woods where this bloodthirsty pack of flesh-eaters hides out. Their leader is alone in the crumbling structure, so now is your opportunity to get inside and find out what makes him tick so you can take control of his followers.

Your group will enter the lodge from two different doors to surround your target. You must find your way to each other in the darkness and figure out how to take away the zombie’s power.

You have 60 minutes to do it before the mob returns, so stay alert, beware of traps, and remember…zombies take no prisoners. Good luck!

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Uncle Malky’s Last Game: Find the Key to the Fortune

Designed for up to 6 players.

Uncle Malky’s Last Game:  Find the Key to the Fortune

You have been invited to a reading of the will for your eccentric great uncle, Malky Malone. Malky was a quirky character who made a fortune buying and selling rare baseball memorabilia. He was also a bit of a prankster and liked to challenge you with games and scavenger hunts when you came to visit at his mansion, with a prize at the end if you finished the quest.

It has been awhile since you saw Malky, so you were surprised to get the call about the will… and even more surprised to learn that he has arranged for one final game! The stakes are higher this time though: Puzzle your way out of his parlor within 60 minutes and you will inherit his entire estate!
You have nothing to lose and a million to gain. Can you win Uncle Malky’s Last Game in time?

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I can't remember the last time I had this much fun, and it keeps your mind sharp!

About Escape Rooms

Popular in Europe and Asia for years “Escape Rooms,” bring an online game series to real life. In these interactive adventures, players are placed in a room and must find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to reveal hidden keys that “unlock” the door. To win, they must “escape” in 1 hour.

Note: Participants can leave the room at any time.

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